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"Caffe Torelli smells like freshly ground heaven and tastes of pure bliss"

When this much effort goes into forming the beans. every cup has to be made with tender loving care.

Great Coffee Recipes


A Heated 10oz mug of slightly frothed milk and add a single shot of...


A Single Espresso is made with 6/7g fresh finely ground coffee with water under pressure for 18-24 seconds at 192-198.C makes a shot ~2oz including the crema (creamy...


An Americano is made by adding a single shot of espresso to a warm cup and add twice as much hot water – add fresh milk to...


A Cappuccino is made with a single shot of espresso and then add to this twice as much frothed hot milk; 1/3 espresso – 2/3 frothed milk = 6oz. Make in a warm cup and finish with dusting chocolate...

Perla Bianca

Torelli Small pngCaffe’ Torelli’s best bag of beans: Perla Bianca is an exquisite blend of Arabica & select Robusta beans carefully and expertly roasted and sealed fresh in high quality bags. Each bag contains a premium ‘vent’ to allow the bag to breath in hot and cold environments ensuring maximum freshness – opening a bag of Caffe’ Torelli Perla Bianca beans will send your senses wild with quality, boldness and pure luxury.

Caffe' Torelli Worldwide

Footprints Cafe’ & Bistro

Footprints Cafe’ & Bistro

This environmentally friendly restaurant is nestled in to beautiful surroundings at Ashford’s Singleton Environment Centre where they serve locally sourced produce and of course, Caffe’ Torelli Perla Bianca beans. You can find out more information of Footprints Cafe & Bistro by visiting their website here.

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